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Luton PAT Services

PAT Testing / Portable Appliance testing is a service to enable your company to meet your H&S Regulations and ensure your appliances are in good condition and safe to use.   Your Luton business could be risk if you don't have an up to date PAT testing register.  Here at Luton PAT Testing we can help, as we're part of the Track and Test Ltd Nationwide group of qualified engineers.   All are City And Guild Qualified and available 24/7



01 Luton PAT Quote needed

Just call our Luton engineer on T: 01582 818112 or email our head office Nationwide service centre on  HQ -T:020 3972 1435

02 ElectricalThermal Imaging

Thermal imaging on electrical equipment will identify temperature differences caused by changes from normal operating conditions, it can also detect hotspots from a developing problem, for example the camera is sensitive enough to identify heat bleed along a cable within a bundle allowing quick diagnosis and subsequent remedial works to take place.

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03 Luton ElectricalRemedial works

Our Team of Electrical engineers can carry out Electrical installation testing and the remedial work to make your business safe and compliant

04 Emergency Light Testing

As part of your fire Risk Assessment, you will need to ensure your Emergency lights are fully working and safe.  We can offer this service standalone or as part of your PAT and EICR (Electrical Installation Condition Report)


05 Fixed Wire Testing (EICR)

Otherwise known as Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR) we can fully test and inspect your Luton business, Shop, Factory, Office to make sure its fully compliant and safe.

We have fully qualified engineers ready to test and inspect your Luton busines to ensure its safe and fully complaint to meet your Health and Safety regulations.

06 Why PAT Test?

More than 30 people every year in the UK suffer Death from an electrical appliance.  This is why PAT testing is needed to ensure your Luton Business is safe, along withyour staff and the public.

The process is quick and simple and we can have your report processed within 1 day of the work being carried out.



Luton PAT testing

We are all part of the Track and Test Ltd Network of Electrical engineers, covering the UK with engineers based in Luton Bedfordshire covering all your electrical testing needs:-

  • Luton PAT Testing  (from only £0.70p)
  • Luton Fixed Wire testing EICR (from only £9 per circuit)
  • Luton Landlord EICR  From £350
  • Luton Portable Appliance Testing (£0.70p per test)
  • Luton Electrical safety testing
  • Luton Emergency Light Testing
  • Fire Extinguisher Testing & Inspection  

Safety First

No appliance should be used by a member of staff or the public unless it has been PAT testing and recorded and within date.

Your PAT testing should be done annually or six monthly on heat producing appliances such as heaters, hand tools, commerical kitchens etc

EICR should be carried out 5 yearly and for Landlords every tenancy change (or 10 yearly)

Recent Projects

We carry out PAT testing in Luton for various business, such as shops, Schools, Colleges, Hair Dressers,  Industrial units and much more.


A Restaurant in Luton recently PAT Tested

A Large School in Luton recently PAT tested

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